High School Scholarship Program

We are excited to announce the newly created High School Scholarship Program. Special thanks to Guttman Initiatives for providing the seed funding to launch this scholarship.

As the administrator of this scholarship, the Clean Energy Cluster strives to provide an educational platform for a wide range of interests in renewable/alternative energy and sustainability by way of public and private partnerships. This scholarship will provide the youth in the San Joaquin Valley opportunities to pursue careers in the renewable and alternative energy industry as part of our value-added effort.

The scholarship is open to high school students interested in attending technical or trade schools, community colleges, and four-year universities alike. We attempt to be inclusive rather than exclusive as students in the following fields may also apply: business, marketing, science, engineering, certified electrician, welding, or installation. The Champions of the Clean Energy Cluster who helped put together this scholarship program can testify to the unique path each of us had taken before finding our chosen career. With this in mind, we want to give all students that opportunity to apply for this program.

In creating the scholarship application, we reached out to the human resources departments of many of our regional partners. We have included this feedback and have formatted the scholarship application to capture the student’s (candidate’s) accomplishments through a point system in two ways.

First. Students are filtered based on: GPA, work experience, volunteering/community outreach, leadership, and team-building skills developed through sports or clubs.

Second. It reflects real world examples of what employers are looking for on resumes when determining ideal candidates for job interviews.

Plus, students must have a 3.0 GPA to apply. We will ask for proof of points with an official copy of your high school transcripts.

Click here to print the High School Scholarship Letter

Giving Back and Helping Others Move Forward

Please note: The application cycle for this round of scholarships ends March 18, 2016.
We may not be able to award a scholarship to every student who applied, but the Champions will thank all student applicants by inviting them to the April 8, Clean Energy Cluster Scholarship Awards Ceremony event. Before the announcement of the scholarship winner(s), the Champions will meet each student personally and matched him/her with a Champion for a one-on-one or small group informational interview, in which the student will be given the opportunity to ask our Champions questions about career paths, skills needed, job satisfaction, incentives, and other related topics.

Based on the unique and varied backgrounds of our Champions, this session will benefit the students tremendously. We believe the knowledge provided by these working professionals will provide guidance and additional information to help students make more efficient career choices.

Please download the Scholarship Matrix and return to us.

  1. Fill out the matrix
  2. Save it as “Scholarship Matrix – Student’s Name” (for example: Scholarship Matrix – Joe Smith)
  3. Email to
Send official transcripts to:

Daryl Baltazar
Chair of the Clean Energy Cluster
8050 N Palm Ave. Ste 324
Fresno, CA 93711

Click here to print the High School Scholarship Program directions.